Selkänojat Haavan Puu


Sitting down in the sauna is also not so comfortable. That is why Halu developed two types of backrests for usage in the sauna. These can be used both in Finnish sauna as in infrared sauna as well. The basic of the backrest is to give support to your back and head without feeling any pressure points. The backrests are ergonomically designed and shape to everyone’s back, so it ensures an ultimate relaxing body position in regular sauna or infrared sauna.

Available in a small version just for your back and a bigger version with head support included, both deliverable in Espen wood or Red Cedar. The wooden Halu backrests are the ultimate backrests for usage in the sauna. More and more people know about the existence of our products and enjoy the comfort and ergonomics . All of the wooden materials meet the same hygiene requirements as traditional sauna benches. According to many people, the Halu sauna backrests are the most comfortable in the world.

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